Lysolecithin meets: Polyaquol 2W

Lysolecithin+Polyaquol 2W cream

Blending emulsifiers is one of the most exciting parts of being a formulator. Although most modern emulsifiers are a blend of several ingredients themselves,

we can blend different commercial emulsifiers to:
cut the cost
improve the stability
modify the texture and viscosity
enhance the skin feel

In this product, we have blended the lysolecithin which could be quite intimidating to most of you at the beginning with the easy-to-work and fail-proof emulsifier Polyaquol 2W.

Lysolecithin is a cold process emulsifier and creates low viscosity and sprayable emulsions but in this combination we hot-processed it with an emulsifier that creates medium to high viscosity creams.

The result is a stable, fluffy and rich cream with the phospholipid touch.

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