A KISS & revitalizing shower gel

This is a really simple but elegant shower gel for those of you who are still struggling with creating a stable and smooth cleansing gel, shower gel, shampoo or facial cleanser.

We are using the Solagum AX which easily hydrates at room temperature and creates just the right viscosity for this shower gel.

The viscosity of the product is very dependent on the essential oil or fragrance oil you are using. The key to create a smooth cleansing gel is to add the surfactant phase very slowly and gradually to the rest of the formulation.

The preservative we are using is independent of the pH and we aim for a pH between 4,9-5,5.


1- Blend phase A in a beaker

2- Disperse the Gum @RT

3- Blend phase C (except the lactic acid) in another beaker.

4- Slowly and gradually add the surfactant phase to A+B. You want to avoid agitation and excessive foaming

5- When all of the surfactant phase is added make a 10% dilution and measure the pH. In our case it was 6,56. If you are making this formulation with a hydrosol with a neutral pH or with distilled or deionized water the pH will be much higher and you can add some lactic or citric acid from the beginning to the water phase.

6- Gradually add lactic acid to the shower gel to reduce the pH

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