Amaranth regenerating serum for summer

You know all that I love hydrogel serums. They are so versatile and multifunctional all year around. In winter and with dry climate you can use them under your day moisturizer and suncare. In summer and with hot and humid climate, they are excellent as a stand-alone product.

Emulsifying gel eco and sclerotium are my two favorite stabilizers that we use for hydrogel serums both create an elegant texture with a silky and non-greasy, non-tacky skin feel.

In this serum we are using the amaranth extract with an amazingly high content of squalene and the pomegranate extract with its high content of tocopherol and phytosterols.


1- Blend phase A in a heat proof beaker (weight the empty beaker before you add your ingredients. You'll need the weight of the beaker). Heat phase A @60 C and disperse the emulsifying gel eco.

2- Let the emulsifying gel eco hydrate at this temperature for 30 min.

3- After 30 minutes you need to weight the beaker and compensate for the evaporated water or hydrosol

4- Stir the beaker while cooling down the content

5- At a temperature <40 C add phase C

6- Emulsify the oil phase and homogenize for a few minutes

7- Make a 10% dilution and measure the pH. In our case it was 5,36 and that was perfectly in range to add the preservative system.

This preservative blend increases the pH so you need to prepare another 10% dilution and measure the pH and reduce it again in the range of 5,2-5,5 with lactic acid if necessary. In our case the final pH was 5,39.

8- Take the stability and microkit samples and fill the rest in a suitable container.

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