Cosmetic chemistry and technical stuff

Although we do not answer individual questions, we try to answer those questions that might be of interest to several users and formulators.

Almost all "formulation schools" (and there are lots of them around the globe now) emphasize that:

" You don't need to be a chemist, let alone a cosmetic chemist in order to make and sell cosmetic products"

That is partially through and there are tens of talented entrepreneurs that started their formulation journey without being a chemist. Those who have survived the extremely competitive market however have either learned the necessary chemical stuff themselves (even though they hate chemistry) or have hired a chemist formulator/consultant.

You don't need to go back to school and dust your old chemistry books, You can remain a DIYer all your life and follow reliable tutorials without knowing why you are doing what you are doing but:

if you want to bring your formulation skills to the next level and move on from being a DIYer and copying tutorials to a formulator and create your own safe, stable and effective formulations, there is no way around it than diving into the chemistry of formulating.
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