Delicious indulgence: plum and orange lotion

Sometimes the simplest formulations that you just make as a precursor or a test for a specific purpose become the most amazing products you have created. This simple emulsion was just one of those simple formulations that I wanted to share with a coaching group and the outcome was so amazing that I couldn't help sharing it here. It uses our plum butter with its divine scent. Pequi oil is added for the touch of lemon colour it imparts as well as for its content of carotenoids. Triheptanoin is added for the sake of skin feel and Olive squalane, well, it is squalane and one of the important ingredients to reduce TEWL and to enhance the barrier function. We added the modified rice starch to this formulation both for the sake of dry skin feel as well as the beautiful texture (in addition to its impact on enhancing the viscosity). And then there are all the beautiful scents of the season: sweet orange, cinnamon and ginger. If you are looking for a last minute gift for someone this is something you definitely need to make and share.

Stay unstoppable

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