Easter special body melts

Body melts or lotion bars are among the cutest and easiest to make skin care product that are amazing as a giveaways, gifts, seasonal products or all year-around products.

They are quite IN at the moment because:

1- They are water-free (you don't sell/buy transport water which is a scarce resource)

2- You don't need to go through the hassle of pH measurement and preserving and challenge testing

3- They are absolutely waste free and are consumed to the latest microgram

4- You don't need any plastic packaging for them. Cute treat bags and boxes or reusable jars and glasses are used to pack and wrap them.

For today we have prepared some cute body melts that are perfect gifts or commercial products for the season but feel free to use other molds or change the color for other occasions.


Phase A Dosage
Cocoabutter 40,0%
Myrica fruit wax 11,0%
Berry wax 6,0%
Shea butter 9,0%
Cupuacu butter 10,0%
Phase B
Triheptanoin 5,0%
Olive squalane 2,0%
Moringa oil 14,3%
Carrot CO2 extract 1,0%
Tocopherol 0,3%
Liquid vit C 0,3%
Rosemary CO2 extract 0,1%
Sweet Orange oil 0,5%
Grapefruit oil 0,5%


1- Blend phase A  in a heat resistant beaker.

2- Heat in a water bath between 70-75 C until the butters and waxes are completely melted

3- Start cooling down while stirring occasionally

4- Add phase B at a medium trace and pour in the mold cavities

5- Cool in the fridge for a few hours

6- remove from the mold cavities and store protected against heat

You can watch the short video here

Stay safe and creative

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