Measure and adjust the pH like a cosmetic chemist

have you ever observed your emulsions fall apart, the color of your shampoo turned from a beautiful red to an ugly muddy brown or your toner precipitated? These problems and most of the other stability, safety, efficacy and aesthetic problems in cosmetic products are pH-related.

PH measurement and adjustment is one of the most challenging issues to most novice formulators (chemists and non-chemists).

No more tears and frustrations when measuring the pH

In this one-of-a-kind course we will walk you through all steps and techniques required for pH measurement in a cosmetic lab so that at the end of this course you will be able to:

* identifying which ingredients and products need pH measurement and which ones do not
* measure the pH of each product and raw material with a high precision and reproducibility
* adjust the pH of each cosmetic product you make with confidence and accuracy of a born cosmetic chemist
* choose a suitable pH meter for your lab and how to take care of the pH meter to prolong its life and get reliable and reproducible results
* implement the pH measurement in your stability testing and GMP
* Buffer a formulation whenever it is necessary to avoid pH change during the shelf-life and to improve the stability and increase the shelf-life

This course if for you if you:

are a novice formulator and have little or no experience in pH measurement and adjustment (or even don't have any pH meter yet)

are a graduate from a formulation school where they have not taught you about pH adjustment in detail

are a DIYer who aspires safe, stable and efficient products

are an experienced formulator but are still struggling with pH adjustment

pH measurement and adjustment is a necessity for making
safe, stable, efficient and compliant personal care

Course syllabus

  • 9 intensive modules to answer all of your question and get you through all the hassle of pH measurement and adjustment, choosing, purchasing and maintenance of a pH meter and a suitable electrode
  • Two years to finish the course and receive your certificate of completion
  • Membership in an exclusive Facebook group dedicated to the course where you can mastermind with your peers and other students (worth 499,98 €- included for free in the course)
  • Monthly live Q&As with Elham  (for the period of 2 years) (worth 499,98 €- included for free in the course)
  • Satisfaction guarantee and refund in 30 days if you are not happy

If your are tired of unstable products and color change and sedimentation,
if you are ready to take your formulation skills to the next level,
if you want to move from a student to a professional formulator,
if you want to create stable, safe, efficient and compliant products,
if you want to record reliable and reproducible data in your product files

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