Scalp soothing hemp shampoo

We have been using hemp oil long before cannabis became so cool and long after it fell out of the grace of the personal care.

This scalp soothing shampoo uses hemp, tamanu and baobab oil together with alpha-bisabolol, allantoin and gotu kola extract to comfort sensitive scalp. Aloe extract imparts moisturising and conditioning and the skin prebiotic helps restore the scalp micribiome to its original healthy state.


1- Blend phase A in the main vessel

2- Disperse and hydrate the gum at RT

3- Blend phase C in another vessel.

4- Gradually and slowly add phase C

5- Prepare a 10% dilution and measure the pH. In our case it was 5,26 and we didn't change it

6- Add the preservative (in this case it works independent of the pH)

7- Take the stability and microbial samples and feel the rest in suitable containers

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