Acai facial balm

A few months ago we shared the formulation for this Acai balm which was one of our most popular formulations and one of my own favorites during this fall/winter

Acai facial balm for fall/winter
With the weather becoming colder in the Northern hemisphere the skin needs something more substantial than just a light toner or hydrogel. I personally love balms for winter and I honestly think any novice formulator and entrepreneur shall start with making and selling balm as a warm up before jumping

As my acai balm was finished I remade the formulation (actually I only wrote it on the paper, Swetti did the work) and jazzed it up to an even more awesome balm.

Here the new version of the balm. This balm looks juicy and moist yet thanks to the G2B will not easily melt when exposed to heat. It will however melt upon contact with the skin and applying a mild pressure.


The procedure is really straightforward. We just melt the butters and G2B up to 85 C (this temperature is needed for G2B) and then after everything is melted start cooling and at a temperature between 50-55 C add phase B and at a temperature <30 C add the rest of the ingredients. You will stir the batter during the cool down to avoid graininess till it reaches a medium to heavy trace. At this point you can either fill into jars or start whipping and cooling cycles till you get to the desired texture. Do not judge the texture and softness of the balm during the first hours. Make your first batch as small as possible and study the texture within 24-48 hours.

If you are still struggling with graininess in balms you will find this free training useful

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