Anatomy of an emulsion/introduction

Making emulsions is one of the most fascinating activities in cosmetic formulation but creating stable emulsions can sometimes become quite challenging. Although the equipment has a huge impact on the outcome and stability of the emulsion, even the most expensive and high-end equipment can not save an emulsion that is doomed to instability because of technical issues or a mistake in the formulation.

Even if you don't have any high-end equipment you can prepare nice and smooth emulsions which remain stable for a considerable time when you take care of the principles of emulsion stability. In these new series of tutorials and presentations we are going to the bone-marrow of emulsion making so that you can practice making stable emulsions even before you have purchased that expensive overhead mixer or homogenizer. Believe me if you don't know the principles and have equipped your laboratory with amazing instruments the frustration when your emulsion doesn't remain stable is much worse than when you are using just a spatula.So start making emulsions and learning the principles of emulsion stability before your lab is completely equipped.

Watch our first video/presentation here.

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