Hyaluron hydrogel serum

This is a rather simple but elegant serum that can be used under the day/night creams or as a standalone moisturizer for greasy skin or hot and humid weather.

It is not exactly a KISS emulsion in terms of the number of ingredients but the procedure is rather simple.

We are using the ecogel here which imparts a phospholipid touch to the serum. You can add low concentrations of lipophilic ingredients while using the ecogel but we kept this formulation rather basic and focused on hydration and hydrophilic active ingredients.


1- Blend phase A in a heat proof beaker (weight the empty beaker before you add your ingredients. You'll need the weight of the beaker). Heat phase A @60 C and disperse the ecogel.

2- Let the ecogel hydrate at this temperature for 30 min.

3- After 30 minutes you need to weight the beaker and compensate for the evaporated water or hydrosol

4- Stir the beaker while cooling down the content

5- At a temperature <40 C add phase C

6- At a temperature <30 C add phase D

7- Make a 10% dilution and measure the pH. In our case it was 5,09 and that was perfectly in range. The preservative system works independent of the pH but we aim for a pH between 4,8-5,5.

8- Take the stability and microkit samples and fill the rest in a suitable container.

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