Avocado aftersun spray lotion

I love spray lotion specially in summer when you don't want to apply thick creams on your skin.

Spray lotions are not necessarily low fat. They are just lower in viscosity and make the impression of being very light.

This is not exactly a KISS formulation but the outcome is worth all the long list of ingredients and the hassle.We have blended sclerotium and Solagum AX for improved stability and texture and this adds a heating step to the process since sclerotium needs heat and time for full hydration.

If you are not yet familiar with gum dispersion and hydration and don't know which gums hydrate at room temperature and which ones need heating we have a free download for you

The emulsifier is lysolecithin. We are adding it to the water phase before the gum dispersion and then heat the water phase for complete gum hydration. At this point you can heat the oil phase and proceed in a warm-warm method or you can add the oil phase as the water phase is still warm (warm-cold) or wait for the water phase to cool down and then blend the phases (cold-cold). We went through a cold-cold process.

Now let's jump to the formulation and procedure for this spray emulsion


1- Blend phase A in the main vessel

2- Heat phase A to 45 C. Disperse the gum blend and let them hydrate at this temperature for 40-45 minutes.

3- After the gum is fully hydrated continue stirring but stop heating. At a temperature <35 C add phase C

4- Homogenize phase D in the water phase

5- Continue stirring and add the essential oils and the preservative. The preservative system we are using here works independent of the pH.

6- Prepare a 10% dilution and measure the pH. In our case it was 4,8 and we didn't change it. We aim for a pH between 4,5-5,5 and you can use lactic acid or arginine to reduce or increase the pH if it is higher or lower than this range

7- Take your stability and microkit samples and fill the rest in suitable containers

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