What's hapening in our lab right now?

We are working on a new ebook about facial cleansers and have created some pretty and effective products so far that you can see on the above photo. When it comes to facial cleansers (or to any cleansers for that matter) there is no better or worse, wrong or right. Individuals choose cleansers based on different exogenous and endogenous factors such as: climate, cultural background, environmental aspects, convenience, age, skin type and life style. In this book we have something for everyone and will cover all of the mild and effective cleansers that you can make in an artisanal laboratory. Stay tuned for more updates

I know egg yolk is not the sexiest cosmetic ingredient and certainly not a popular ingredient when it comes to vegan formulations. Egg yolk however has deep roots as a hair care ingredient in several cultures (including my own culture). In parts of the Middle East and Asia women (and even men)swear to the magic an egg mask can bring to the hair and scalp. I know, it is really not an attractive scene and the smell is even worse having an egg mask over your hair but it really works magic.

Since applying an egg mask is not easy and convenient for everyone we went for a search and found a commercial egg yolk extract and played with it a little bit.

These are a hair shampoo and hair mask that we have prepared it with the egg yolk extract.

I haven't yet decided to add this ingredient to our portfolio. Usually it takes at least one year till we experiment with new ingredients and decide to add them to the portfolio but I just wanted to share this with you. I would love to know whether you are familiar with applying egg yolk to the hair or if it has any back grounds in your culture?

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