Cranberry lip balm with ceramide

Peach fuzz is the color of the year and we were inspired by the color to create this beautiful lip balm which is boosted with ceramide NP, vit C, vit E and allantoin.

For a nice flow and light feel we used triheptanoin. Feel free to replace it with an oil of your choice if you don't have it or don't like to use it.

The formulation is not exactly KISS in terms of ingredients but the process is very straightforward.

You can download our free guide about how to choose and store plant oils in cosmetic formulations

Now let's jump to the formulation


1- Heat phase A around 50-60 C

2- Sift the cranberry powder into phase B. Cranberry and allantoin will not dissolve in the oil phase but that is OK

3- When phase A is completely melted stop heating and start cooling while stirring.

4- At a temperature <45 C add phase B to A and continue cooling and stirring till a medium trace.

5- Fill in suitable jars

After you are happy with your lip balm and want to indulge yourself with more elaborate formulations you can download our free booklet by clicking on the following photo.

If you like a more intensive color, this is how 5% cranberry powder looks like in the lip balm

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