Easter shower bar

These are another part of our Easter preparation.

These shower bars make excellent gifts for kids and grown ups but you can make and use them all year long. Only you may need other molds if you are using them outside the Easter time frame.


1- Put phase A and B separately in heat-proof beakers

2- Heat both phases around 90 C till the phases are completely homogeneous

3- Blend phase C  in another beaker

4- Blend panthenol and the chelator of phase D in another beaker and weight the essential oil separately

5- When A and B are completely melted and homogeneous add phase B to A and blend

6- Remove from the bath and add the surfactant phase (C) to A+B

7- Add phase D.  Take a sample for pH measurement and pour the rest in the mould cavities

8- Put the moulds in the fridge between 2 hours to overnight

9- Go back to the pH sample and prepare a 10% dilution

10- Measure the pH when the temperature reaches RT. In our case the pH was 4,97. If you want to have a higher pH (when you are making these for small children reduce the lactic acid to 0,55%)

Stay creative

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