3 weeks formulation challenge to create non-grainy balms, butters and sticks

If you are one of those formulators (or DIYers) who get anxious anytime you create a balm or bar and don't know if it will remain stable or if it starts becoming grainy or the waxes bloom within a few days, if you still don't know why some of your balms turn pretty and some of them become grainy and ugly, then we have a super exciting program for you to fix this problem for once and ever.

I am quite excited to announce this 3 weeks formulation challenge in which we are going to first show you what causes the graininess and blooming in your butters and waxes and then show you how you can easily fix this problem.

You don't need any fanciful instruments or material. You can work with what you already have in your stash BUT you need to do some work. There is no fairy dust that I can pour over your head and make you create beautiful balms and there is no theory I can inject into your brain (although I have done it with our free tutorials in the past). Now if you are determined and committed to create amazing products in no time and to improve your knowledge and formulating efficiency, to spare time and frustration and material and to bring your products and your business to the next level

Any formulator (professional or DIYer) who is fed-up with grainy balms and butters and does not know how to avoid graininess and blooming in her products.

Nothing fanciful. We are going to work with cocoa and shea butter, a few waxes, coconut and babassu oil as well as some liquid oils. These are all easily accessible and affordable and you probably have them already in your stash but even if you don't have them you can swap them with similar products.

You need the usual laboratory instruments needed for making balms and bars:

heat-proof beakers or vessels, jars, spatulas and stirring rods, a thermometer, a hot plate or make-shift water bath, scales and a couple of silicone soap or chocolate moulds.

The challenge is designed as 2 weekly lessons over a period of 3 weeks. You will have access to a private FB group  dedicated to this challenge and can share your results and ask your questions. If you miss a lesson you can still move on to the next one or you can catch up later and move on at your own pace. You will have access to the lessons and the FB group for 3 months.

The active time you need to dedicate to the challenge is about 1,5-2 hours per week.

Here the summary of the challenge and the answer to your questions

The challenge starts on 16th October 2023. Enrollment closes on October 14th.

Start right now to prepare amazing stable and non-grainy balms and butters for your season's sale (or gifts).

Good luck and looking forward to seeing you

Bonus: Exclusive formulation for this balm which feels like a cream

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