Hibiscus toner

I made this toner for myself and didn't have any intention to share the formulation. Since I am obsessed with hibiscus at the moment we prepared a simple hibiscus (dry petals) -pentylene glycol infusion (about 10%) and used it in this toner. I was prepared for the color to fade away within a few days but it didn't and I decided to share the formulation. This isn't a KISS formulation in terms of the number of the ingredients (I indulge myself in such luxuries a couple of times a year) but the procedure is rather straightforward.

The color in hibiscus comes from the polyphenols and it is very pH dependent. Apart from that since we are using nicotinamide in this formulation there are several pH measurements needed throughout the formulation procedure and till you come to the end point. If you don't have the heart or the nerves for several pH measurements do not start this formulation at all. If you are interested to know how to measure and adjust the pH of EVERY cosmetic formulation we have an ebook for you with lots of instructions and flowcharts.

This formulation was first published on our telegram channel and I recommend you subscribe to the channel if you have not already since we publish some formulations and discounts only through our telegram channel.

Have fun and stay creative

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