Hot vs cold process emulsification

Cold or hot process? This is the question

This is a question very often asked by our customers and readers and to be honest there is no ultimate answer to this question.

Both of these methods have their advantages and limitations and which one you choose depends on several factors. In the following presentation I have discussed both processes and shared the results of one recent experiment in which we tested a cold process emulsifier under several temperature conditions.

We have prepared a W/O emulsion with the cold process emulsifier and tested the following conditions:

1- Water phase @RT , oil phase @ 40 C

2- Water and oil phase @60C

3- Water and oil phase @40C

4- Water and oil phase @RT

The winner in this specific was No.3 with water and oil phase being heated to 40C.

This is however not a general rule and I recommend and suggest that you try similar experiments with your cold process emulsifiers to find the best conditions for a given formulation based on your ingredients and concept.

This is the formulation you see in the video

It is not exactly a KISS formulation. We have blended oils of varying polarity to enhance the viscosity, skin feel and stability.

If you are not quite familiar with the oil polarity concept and its impact on different types of formulations you can order our bundle of 4 articles dedicated to the oil polarity here

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