How to use stock solutions for pH adjustment

In a cosmetic lab

pH measurement is like a blind date
pH adjustment is like a marriage

It's not the pH measurement that unnerves formulators and costs them time and material, it's the pH adjustment.

Like a marriage, you need to take permanent care of the pH adjustment. That's the critical and time consuming part and the holy grail of cosmetic formulation and THE PART that defines whether you create

Safe, stable, effective, compliant

products or not. Creating safe and stable products leads to making a profit which, accept it or not is the fuel of every business. If you do not make a profit, as the business coach and my friend Melinda Coss summarizes it:
it's not a business, it is an expensive hobby

I know that the majority of artisanal formulators have started formulation and creating and selling products to serve and to solve a problem. Their first motive and goal was never to make a profit. But let's be honest and realistic. If you are not making a profit you can not keep your business sustainable and yourself sane. Either you burnout or the business collapses or both together. You owe it to your community and to your customers and fans to keep the business going on.

With your products and your business you are serving hundreds if not thousands of desperate consumers who are frustrated and disappointed (and sometimes damaged) by the crap they sell as the mass market and back up by expensive ads and campaigns. So if you want to serve your community better you need to make profit and to make profit you need to create stable, safe and effective products.

Do we agree on that? Are we on the same wavelength?

One essential step of creating safe, effective, stable and compliant products is the art/science/task of pH adjustment. This is one of the least sexy subject in the whole world but if you don't take it seriously, it will seriously damage and ruin all of your sexy ingredients, beautiful packaging material and finished products.

Although we have discussed the pH adjustment very deeply and up to the latest details (with various scenarios and flow charts) in our flagship course:

Measure and adjust the pH like a cosmetic chemist

I don't want to keep you all waiting till you enroll and get to the related module. In the video here I have explained what you need to create stock solutions for pH adjustment and how you can make, store and use them to move smoothly and easily through the task of adjusting the pH of your products.

I will put the PDF file related to the video with all calculations and instructions on our telegram channel.

PS: For those of you who missed the live training on Monday because of the time zone, we have another live session on Saturday the 17th @8:00 AM Berlin time

Click here to sign-up for the live training

Stay determined to conquer the pH monster

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