Which magnetic stirrer/hot plate do you use in your lab?

Q&A with Elham

Today's question comes from Gaiatrice.....

which magnetic stirrer-hot place is the best for a cosmetic lab?

In the video I introduce the two hot-plate/stirrers that we have been using for several years now. These are:

1- IKA RH basic2

I checked the price as I was writing this post and I think they have reduced the price because it is an old model. I am sure we paid a lot more for ours. It is possible that you can not get this everywhere in the world.

2- The MH15

From our German labware supplier. They have distributors around the world but it is possible that you can not find this exact model in your country.

We published this post about magnetic stirrers a long time ago but the facts are the same and you may find it useful as well.

Which hot plate/stirrer is the best for the cosmetic lab

Stay safe and creative

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