Mango- rosehip cream

I wanted to create an elegant rich cream for the latest days of the cold and windy weather. This is a rich cream yet thanks to the triheptanoin it feels silky and non-greasy over the skin. We are using the cross-linked hyaluron here for the ease of use compared to other hyaluron varieties.

This is not exactly a KISS formulation but the procedure is still straightforward (sort of). Since the preservative system we are using performs dependent of the pH we have an additional step in pH measurement. More about the pH measurement steps in O/W emulsions in our digital file below:

How to measure and adjust the pH of any O/W emulsion | DP-23-FCOW
Digital fileIn this digital file you will learn how to measure and adjust the pH of every possible O/W emulsion under the skyLow viscosity as well as high viscosity emulsionThe carrier is water or a hydrosol with a neutral pHThe carrier is a hydrosol wit…


1- Blend phase A and B in separate heat-proof beakers

2- Heat phase A and B in a water bath between 80-85 C

3- Emulsify the oil phase in the water phase

4- Disperse the gum in the still hot emulsion

5- Start cooling down while stirring

6- At a temperature above 45 C add the ceramide

7- When the temperature reaches under 40 C add the sensitive phases (Phase E and F)

8- When the emulsion reaches RT prepare a 10% dilution and measure the pH. The pH must be at least 4,9 when you add the preservatives. In our case it was 6,5 and we added the preservatives

9- Reduce the pH by adding lactic acid. If you are making this formulation for the first time add the lactic acid gradually and measure the pH in between.

10- Prepare another dilution of the emulsion and measure the pH. In our case it was 5,38. We are aiming for a pH between 5,3-5,5.

11- Take the stability and micro kit samples and fill the rest in a suitable container

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