New masterclass:

All you need to know about pH

I hope you have enjoyed the holidays and the festive time (in case you celebrate Christmas) and are recharged and determined to make 2024 an epic year for yourself and your business (or your DIY creations).

Just at the beginning of the year and before you get entangled in the roller coaster of running a business, we have a masterclass for you that will answer all your pH related questions.

This class is for you if you are:

  • already an entrepreneur and have your established business
  • are a student of skin/hair care formulation and do not have any business yet
  • are a DIYer and are aspiring to create safe, stable and effective products for yourself and your family
  • have a background in chemistry or life science but are novice to skin/hair care formulation
  • already have a pH meter
  • have no pH meter yet and measure the pH with indicator paper

I am going to demystify the monster of pH measurement and adjustment for you, answer your pH related questions so that you can spend more time in creating safe, stable and effective products with ease and efficacy of a seasoned cosmetic chemist.


Don't have time to attend the live class or the time is not suitable in your time zone?

You can watch the recording

What are you waiting for?

This class is free for our members. Become a member and attend the masterclass or access the recording for free

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