A very special Christmas/new year's gift for you

Hey aspiring formulators and entrepreneurs

The first years of entrepreneurial journey are extremely tough (it doesn't become easier as you go on, you become tougher and can handle challenges better). Often it seems as if you are a juggler trying to keep 100 balls in the air simultaneously.

Each decision and step can make or break your business and often you sit there and try to divide your attention and budget between several pots and tasks.

This is why after receiving a request from several readers and customers we are offering a new model for our subscription for the 2024.

This offer grants you all of the advantages of a full membership but you don't have to put the whole money on the counter at once. You will pay in 12 monthly installments. Now any of you who has been in commerce and sales knows how much administrative hassle this means and how much transaction charges get lost in between for each single payment and I refused to make this step for a very long time but since your feedbacks to our newsletters were so kind and supportive I decided to give this chance to all of you who wanted to become a member but couldn't or wouldn't like to pay the whole payment in one payment.

This offer is only available till January 6th. So grab the chance and make 2024 the best year of your formulation experience.

SC-Shop-Member-Courses | 2024 subscription | purchase Member Subskription Courses
2024 subscription - For the first time we are offering a subscription for the full year with monthly payments.This includes all of the advantages of a full subscription for the whole year of 2024 but

I'll see you during our first meeting in January, or somewhere else

Have a blessed Christmas and an amazing start in a very prosperous year.

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