Valentine's shower bar : 2 versions

This beautiful shower bar is a slightly modified version of the shower bar we first published in our formulation ebook: shampoo & shower bars

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We prepared it for the Valentine's but you can make them and sell them through the whole year.

You have no chance to apply petals in a lye soap but these shower bars have the advantage of being neutral in pH and hence you can apply petals, fruit powders or other natural ornamental ingredients that are not stable in a lye soap.

As always and when you are making a shampoo or shower bar you need to think ahead for the pH adjustment.


1- Heat phase A and B in separate heat proof beakers to around 90 C

2- Blend phase C and D in separate beakers

3- When A and B are melted blend them together and stop heating

4- Add phase C and D and blend. Take a sample for pH measurement

5- Add the essential oils and then the petals and pour the batter in the mold cavities. Put the molds in the fridge for a few hours

6- Make a 10% dilution of the sample you have taken for the pH and measure the pH. In our case it was 5,02

7- Take the pieces out of the mold and wrap them in tissue paper

This one is a slightly easier version of the above shower bar and a modified version of the shower bars we shared last year

Valentine’s shower bar: 2 versions
This is a short cut version of the shower bar and extremely easy to make even for beginners. We prepared two versions for the Valentine’s this year. One version uses rose petals and the other one our cranberry microzest powder. As always, when making a shower bar you need to


1- Melt phase A in a bath between 80-85 C

2-When phase A is melted blend it with phase C

3- Add phase D and E as the temperature reaches <55C

4- Now Take a sample for pH measurement and set it asice

5- Divide the batter (must not be exactly 1:1) and add the cranberry powder to one part

6- Now add the two batters alternatively in the mold cavities

7- Put the mold in the fridge and come back to the pH sample. Prepare a 10% dilution and measure the pH. In our case it was 4,94 and that is OK

8- After a few hours remove the bars from the mold and pack them in tissue paper

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