Spirulina balm

This is the 3rd product of the products we made with the spirulina extract.

Read this post to see how we made the spirulina extract.

Today we are sharing a spirulina balm with you.

Now the first question you will ask is:

How on earth can we use the same "hydrophilic extract" in a toner and in a balm? Isn't this not violating the principles of chemistry and the HLB?

The answer is:

1- We have made the extract in pentylene glycol (plant based) which is much less polar and more lipophilic than propylene glycol or glycerine.

2- We are using a fascinating technique that we have explained about in this post several years ago. This technique allows us to apply low concentrations of hydrophilic extracts in a lipophilic product.

How to incorporate a hydrophilic ingredient in a balm - Swettis Beauty Blog

Now let's jump to the formulation


1- Heat phase A in a water bath between 55-60 C

2- When all of phase A is melted stop heating.

3- Blend the spirulina extract and the Neocare in a small beaker. Add this to the warm phase A

4- Stop cooling down while stirring.

5- Blend phase C in another beaker

5- When phase A+B reach a temperature <40 add phase C and continue stirring while cooling down

6- Cool down to a medium trace and fill in the jars or cool down into a heavy trace and whip and then fill in the jars

If you are still struggling with graininess in your balms you may find this free training useful

Get inspired by these simple balm formulations

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