Sweet dreams foot cream

There are lots of foot and leg formulations for athletes but I have seldom seen a soothing and relaxing foot cream to send the consumer to a smooth sleep.

This beautiful foot cream not only pampers the feet right before the sleep, it is using the lavender oil/extract to calm down the nerves and promote a healthy sleep.


1- Blend phase A and B in heat proof vessels

2- Heat both phased between 80-85

3- Homogenize the oil phase in the water phase

4- Disperse the gum in the still hot emulsion

5- Stir while cooling down

6- At a temperature <45 C add phase D and E

7- Prepare a 10% dilution and measure the pH. In our case it was 6,46 and we reduced it by adding lactic acid to 5,30.

8- Add the preservative. Take the stability and microbial samples and fill the rest in suitable containers

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