An outrageously simple balm-to-powder

This balm is so ridiculously simple you can not believe how amazing it is until you make and test it yourself. This was a precursor for another project but the results were so incredible I couldn't help sharing it with you.

The balm has a high content of the rice starch which is one of my favorite ingredients and one of our best sold ones. This ingredient has an unlimited potential both in waterless formulations as in emulsions. To incorporate this high dosage of rice starch in the formulation we had to slightly modify the procedure and take a turn from our usual way of making balms to avoid clumps and an undesirable texture.

We are sharing this simple formulation so that you have enough time to get familiar and confident with the procedure because in a few weeks we are going to jazz it up and prepare a functional facial balm with lots of sexy active ingredients. Don't worry about applying a balm over the face. This is why we have used such a high load of rice starch. It imparts such a dry and powdery skin feel that even agt this hot summer temperature you can easily apply the balm over the face with no unpleasant skin feel, greasiness or gloss.

In the video we show you the whipping process but as always you can keep the balm as it is and skip the whipping. Whipping obviously changes the texture and the color (it becomes lighter and paler) but doesn't change the skin feel much. I personally love whipped balms but in this particular case I prefer the unwhipped one. You can try both and decide for yourself.

Phase A Dosage
Shea butter 40,0%
Babassu oil 20,0%
Phase B
Modified rice starch 30,0%
Phase c
Tocopherol 0,3%
Hemp seed oil 8,5%
Alpha-bisabolol 0,2%
Lime zest oil 1,0%
Whipped vs unwhipped balm


1- Blend phase A  in a heat resistant beaker.

2- Heat in a water bath between 60-70 C until everything is completely melted

3- Sift the starch through a sieve and add phase C to it. Blend completely. Starch will not dissolve in the oil. It will disperse and build a thick paste

4- Start cooling down phase A while stirring occasionally

5- At a temperature < 50 C add phase  A to B+C

6- Continue cooling down and stirring.

7- When the butter reaches a thick trace start whipping. You can skip this step and go directly to the next step.

8- Fill in suitable jars.

As an alternative, you can add the melted butter phase to the starch and blend completely and stir while cooling down to a temperature <35. Then add phase C to A+B and continue cooling till you reach a thick trace. You can either pour in the jars or whip to the desired consistency

You can watch the video here

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