Cranberry lotion bars: 2 way

Waterless beauty is THE trend of the decade and this section is one of the industry sections that the artisanal manufacturers can beat the big boys of the industry, I can not repeat this enough.

Lotion bars or body melts are so easy to make and so fun to use. You don't need to go through the hassle of gum hydration, viscosity adjustment, pH measurement and adjustment and the stability testing is much less complicated and faster.

Lotion bars are my favorite products to giveaway because they are beautiful and because you can wrap and pack them plastic free. What else do you need to jump in your lab/kitchen and prepare a batch of lotion bars? Ah I forgot to mention that you can prepare them in cute seasonal forms : Christmas, Valentine's, mothers' day, Easter and so on.

Today we are upgrading these lotion bars that we shared last time for Valentine's

Valentine’s lotion bar
We have another simple Valentine’s relevant formulation for you but you. These cute little lotion bars are quite fun to use and very fashionable right now because there is no water and no preservative in them. I love them in winter but in summer they are a little bit heavy

You can prepare the lotion bars in 2 ways:

1- The easy way: Blend all of the ingredients and create pieces with a uniform color

2- The more elaborate way: add the cranberry powder to just a part of the batter and create a marbled effect.

Which way you choose depends on your own preferences. The formulation is the same (that's the beauty of the lotion bars. You can create various shapes and optics with the same formulation)


1- Melt phase A in a water bath between 80-85 C

2- When phase A is melted stop heating. At a temperature between 45-50 C add phase B. This is the temperature our ceramide needs to be fully incorporated. If you delete that and only use liquid oils you can add phase B at a temperature around 40-50 C

3- At a temperature lower than 40 add phase C

4-Start cooling while stirring to a light trace.

5- For a uniform optic you can add the cranberry powder to the batter and pour the batter in the mold cavities. For a marbled optic you can divide the batter and only add the cranberry powder to one part and then pour the two batters alternatively in the mold cavities.

6- Put the molds in the fridge for a few hours up to overnight

7-Remove the bars from the mold and pack and store them protected against heat and humidity.

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