Decadent bath chocolate

The majority of people use the luxury of bathing in winter months and not all year around and bath products make excellent Xmas gifts. So if you are in the Northern hemisphere you will have enough time to prepare, test and have this formulation safety assessed for the coming season.

This is a ridiculously simple formulation and procedure with outstanding results. Make sure nobody is around when you take the pieces from the molds because they certainly will mistake them with edible chocolate (do not ask how I know it).

The color comes from the bacuri butter and we matched it with coffee and cocoa scent but you can go crazy and make it any variation that your hear desires. Let yourself be inspired by the amazing and sometimes crazy chocolate variations available these days: from the old-fashioned milk chocolate to chili and peppercorn chocolate or the fashionable pink chocolate. The sky is your limit

Have fun making, using and selling this product

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