9 weeks pH mini-lab for cosmetic formulators

This is a fast-track course for formulators who are still struggling with all the pH measurement and adjustment hassle and want to have all their pH related questions answered in a short time without the trouble of learning too much theory or doing assignments.

This is a mini and fast version of our more detailed course:

measure and adjust the pH like a cosmetic chemist

which opens only once in a year for enrollment

In this program we will take your hand and accompany you step-by-step to:


*identifying which ingredients and products need pH measurement and which ones do not
* measure the pH of each product and raw material with a high precision and reproducibility
* adjust the pH of each cosmetic product you make with confidence and accuracy of a born cosmetic chemist
* choose a suitable pH meter for your lab and how to take care of the pH meter to prolong its life and get reliable and reproducible results
* implement the pH measurement in your stability testing 

At the end of this program you will be able to understand and decide:

See what previous students have to say:

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