Measure and adjust the pH like a cosmetic chemist

The most comprehensive program dedicated completely to the task of measuring and adjusting the pH of cosmetic products

This is a unique course and the only program of its kind that enables every formulator (chemist or non chemist) to measure and adjust the pH of the cosmetic products with the accuracy and confidence of an experienced cosmetic chemist.

This program includes detailed roadmaps that they don't even teach at a university level.

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In this program we will take your hand and accompany you step-by-step to:

*identifying which ingredients and products need pH measurement and which ones do not
* measure the pH of each product and raw material with a high precision and reproducibility
* adjust the pH of each cosmetic product you make with confidence and accuracy of a born cosmetic chemist
* choose a suitable pH meter for your lab and how to take care of the pH meter to prolong its life and get reliable and reproducible results
* implement the pH measurement in your stability testing and GMP
* Buffer a formulation whenever it is necessary to avoid pH change during the shelf-life and to improve the stability and increase the shelf-life

At the end of this program you will be able to understand and decide:

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