Halloween lotion bars

We prepared these cute lotion bars for a workshop with immigrant kids and the outcome was so cute I couldn't resist sharing the formulation here.

Although you can prepare these bars in different shapes and for all year around, we are using Halloween related molds since the Halloween is just around the corner.

What you need to consider when making lotion bars

A lotion bar is practically a hardened balm that doesn't need any jar. When making bars the sky is the limit and again, this is one of the market segments where the artisanal manufacturers can beat the mainstream. Lotion bars are a blend of waxes, butters and oils and the ratio between these 3 ingredients is very important. You want the bar to keep its shape and doesn't melt in your hand but you need it to melt with a gentle pressure over the skin as you apply it. Too much wax and the bar will be too hard to apply or leave a waxy, unpleasant skin feel. Too little wax, the bar will melt before it comes into contact with your skin.

For these cute bars we have used our paprika oil to create the orange color. You can use the sea buckthorn extract or carrot extract or any other oil or extract with an orange color. Or you can use another oil and color and another mold and create the bars for another occasion (Valentine's, Christmas, Easter, mothers' or fathers' day).

Although you can create these bars in any shape and size I recommend making them in small pieces that are rapidly used up. Now let's jump to the formulation and procedure.


1- Melt phase A in a water bath between 65-70 C

2- When phase A is melted stop heating and start cooling while stirring

3- At a temperature between 45-50 C add phase B and continue stirring while cooling.

4- When the batter reaches a medium trace pour the batter in the mold cavities and cool in the fridge for a few hours.

That easy

Have fun

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