Mango/bakuchiol facial balm

For me a balm is like a comfort food that I prefer to make when I am not in the mood of making an emulsion.

Balms are less elaborate but not inferior compared to creams and lotions and unless you are leaving in a very hot and humid climate you can use the balm from head to toe and during all 4 seasons.

This non-KISS balm is a special gift that we prepared for a friend and the outcome was so beautiful and decadent that I couldn't resist sharing the formulation with you. The relatively high dosage of the modified rice starch imparts a powdery skin feel and reduces greasiness so that even individuals who find balms not specifically sexy will love applying this balm.

If you are not familiar with using the modified rice starch in balms go back to this post and the related video before proceeding

You can whip the balm or leave it unwhipped. We decided to whip it for a fluffy texture.

The key to a non-grainy balm is as always, the cooling process. No matter if you decide to whip or keep it as it is you need to stir the balm during the cool down.

You can add the starch upfront in phase B as in the formulation above or you can add the melted phase A to the starch and completely blend and then add the rest of the phase B to the starch+phase A. It is as easy as that.

With the mother's day on the corner in many parts of the word you can start preparing this beautiful and decadent facial balm as a special gift that your customers would eagerly purchase for their mothers (or for themselves).

Enjoy making, using and selling this balm

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