Ylang-ylang luxury moisturizer

This is really a simple formulation with a luxurious, dry, velvety skin feel.

We added the modified rice starch to the cream to both increase the viscosity and impart a dry skin feel. You can read about the impact of the starch on lotions in this blog post:

The rest is quite simple yet with outstanding results.

One more thing: We are using GSC (glyceryl stearate citrate) which is a palm oil free anionic emulsifier in this formulation. This emulsifier needs buffering otherwise the pH will drift within a few months. If you are still confused about the whole buffering business and don't know where to start and what to do we have the right solution for you:

As I always emphasize, amazing products must not necessarily be complicated.


1- Blend phase A and B in separate heat-proof beakers

2- Heat phase A and B in a water bath between 82-85 C

3- Emulsify the oil phase in the water phase

4- Disperse the gum blend in the still hot emulsion

5- Start cooling down while stirring

6- When the temperature reaches under 40 C add the sensitive phases (Phase D)

7- When the emulsion reaches <35 C add the preservative system, the essential oils and the CO2 extract. The preservative system works independent of the pH

8- When the emulsion reaches the room temperature prepare a 10% dilution and measure the pH. In our case it was 6,01.

9- Reduce the pH by adding lactic acid. If you are making this formulation for the first time add the lactic acid gradually and measure the pH in between.

10- Prepare another dilution of the emulsion and measure the pH. In our case it was 5,37. We are aiming for a pH between 4,9-5,5.

11- Take the stability and micro kit samples and fill the rest in a suitable container

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